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The Company was set up in England in 1980. We sell nationally and export to over 25 countries. We have technical, formulation, production and marketing expertise in fertilizers, micronutrients, pesticides and spray additives, and insect repellents. In addition we have marketing consultancy and agency representation departments.


We have a wide range of liquid and powder formulations.
We can also tailor formulations according to customer's individual needs.

MICRONUTRIENTS based on naturally occurring chelating agents, such as lignosulphates/ sulphonic and phenolic acids.

Liquids: Calcium 6% Ca, Cobalt 5% Co, Copper 5% Cu, Iron 5% Fe, Magnesium 4% Mg, Manganese 5% Mn, Zinc 7% Zn.
Crop mixes available. Powders: Also available.

MICRONUTRIENTS based on synthetic chelating agents,

- 'CM' and 'COLANA' brands:

10% Ca EDTA, 14% Cu EDTA, 13% Fe EDTA, 6% Mg EDTA, 13% Mn EDTA, 14% ZnEDTA, 7% Fe DTPA, 6% Mn DTPA.

SUPER FER 6% Fe EDDHA: Premium Grade

SUPER FER 7% Fe EDDHA: Standard Grade

Liquids: EDTA and DTPA can be formulated on request.

Unchelated Micronutrients: Liquids, individual elements and mixes and dry flowables.

Ferric Heptonate: Powder and Liquid formulations available.

N.P.K. and Micronutrients

(all) liquids
PERFLOR 10-5-5
36- -0
(all powders)
SUPERFLOR 19-19-19+2MgO

Other Nutrients:

FLOSUL Sulphur 90% S (Flowable)
Boron 15% B (Flowable)
SUPERFLOR Boron 21% B (Soluble)
Calcium Boron 6% Ca, 2%B (Ligno Liquid)
Calcium Boron 8% Ca, 1% B (Clear Liquid)
Molybdenum 4% Mo (Liquid)
Seaweed Concentrate 15% + 30% (Liquid)
SEAFLOR Seaweed (Soluble Powder)
HUMISOIL Humic Acid 15% (Liquid)
'CM' Sulphur 80% S (Wettable Powder)

Standard Packs for all of the above products - for liquids: 1,5, 20 litres, 210 litre drums
Powders: 1kg, 20kg, 25kg, Bulk Bags



Our formulation facilities include equipment for the production and packaging of:

i) Emulsifiable Concentrates, ULV's, Powder and Dust formulations of insecticides and fungicides. This includes a milling facility for the production of wettable powders. Pack sizes from 1kg upwards.

ii) Granular formulations of insecticides, especially impregnated types. Pack sizes from 50g upwards.

iii) Rodenticides of vavrious types and strengths both "Ready-to-use" and concentrates.


ALBAZ & VIRRE, Alpha-Cypermethrin, Insecticide Formulations
'CM' Bacillus Thuringiensis, Insecticide Formulations
CARBOS, Carbosulfan Insecticide Formulation
CYMBAZ, Cypermethrin Formulations
'CM' Deltamethrin Insecticide Formulations
FENBAZ, Fenvalerate Insecticide Formulations
FORCE, Abamectin, Insecticide Formulations
PERBAZ, Permethrin Insecticide Formulations
ROTENONE DUST & RESIN, Insecticide (Derris)
ANA Rooting Powder
Gibberellic Acid Growth regulator Formulations
Ethion S.P. Growth Regulator
Glyphosate, Herbicide
Paraquat, Herbicide
POWER SUPER, Fenoxaprop, Herbicide
Sodium Chlorate, Herbicide
Polysulphate, Fungicide / Acaricide
SUPERFLOR Metaldehyde 5% + 6% Granules and Pellets - Molluscicide
'CM' Prochloraz formulations, Fungicide
BRODONIL, Mancozeb 64% + Metalaxyl 8%, Fungicide
TOPXINE, Thiophanate Methyl 50% & 70% W.P., Fungicide
Other commodity Pesticides on request including Technical Ingredient.

CILLRAT, Brodifacoum formulations

SWIPES - Easy to use wipes Diethyltoluamide (DEET)

HYDROSORB - water retention
Wool Pellets
Sulphates - Copper, Ferrous, Magnesium, Manganese and Zinc. Other Salts on request.

We have associated companies offering a range of amenity products, and home and garden ranges and hydroponic range.